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Low Budget Marketing Tips

Not everyone has a huge marketing budget, especially starting entrepreneurs often stop all their resources in other things such as tools, computers, telephones, clothing and stock.

1. Brand and (domain) name

Keep it simple, stupid. In other words: do not go too complicated and go for a company name that refers to your company, product or activities. A good guideline when choosing a brand name is the availability of an easy to remember, easy to spell domain name.
A catchy company name
We can help you and give you tips to find your ideal product or company name?

2. Company logo

Once your name is recorded and the url is in possession, you should start thinking about a logo. Nowadays, you can order customized company logos through crowdsourcing. Some designers will provide you with multiple options, from which you choose the best variant yourself.

3. Social media

Presence on social media is a must. You can reach the right people through tags, infographics and (visual) messages. To claim vision and leadership around more difficult themes, writing blogs was obvious for a long time. Vlogging may be a better idea depending on your industry.

4. Presentations

By speaking at conferences you not only get free access to relevant entrepreneur events. Also networking becomes easier this way, because people will shoot you sooner. Make sure that you are put on the homepage of the congress with name and name. And make a pitch that stays with your audience.

5. Personal branding

Especially in young startups, the founder (s) or employees are often better signs than the brand or company itself. Putting people as a brand can help to quickly bring the startup to the attention as a collection of people with color and vision.

6. Starter meetings

Meetings for starting entrepreneurs make it possible to share knowledge, to pitch products and to find investors.

7. Crowdsourcing

Praise a prize for the best idea, the best advice or the most beautiful design. Use the power of the mass to improve your plans or business model. Crowdsourcing will not only increase brand awareness, your image can also get a boost.

8. References

Nothing makes more impression on customers than seeing others who are satisfied with your product or service. If you can put a customer in the spotlight, do it immediately! Give him or her a place on the homepage of your website and make noise on social media.

9. Content marketing

The (re) publication of relevant articles, news, videos or infographics can work to your advantage. Content marketing is generally a great way to show that you understand business. Also referring to other news and information sources will underline your expertise.

10. Webinars

Another way to build a brand and promote your expertise is to periodically organize webinars. Do this preferably in collaboration with a leading player in your industry. This can be an expert, partner, customer or an important employee.

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