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Online Marketing

Online marketing is the collective name for various online marketing activities that generate more visitors to your website. If there are more visitors on your website, then you have a chance of higher sales. For example, online marketing contributes to better business results, both for websites and webshops.

What we do:

Website 7 webshop optimization

The right tools for better conversion and more sales. A and B testing, professional technical tools and consultants that help you bring website to the top.

The advantages of search engine optimization in a row

  • More traffic because you are found better
  • Organic traffic is a good revenue source
  • More traffic, leads and therefore revenue
  • Forces you to think better about your content
  • Better advertising results!

Content Marketing

Content marketing consists of two parts; the creation of content and the spreading of this content and the use for a specific purpose (the strategy). It is a form of online marketing where you use content to;

  1. Get your proposition on the stage (think of video, social media and e-mail marketing)
  2. Generate more leads (think of downloadable whitepapers, quizzes and tools)
  3. Get a better SEO position and support with online advertising

Lead Generation

Maritis generates  quality leads  for companies. We generate business leads for appointments and sales, mail addresses as an extension for your mailing list or for further follow-up via marketing automation. We use:

  • Google adwords  search campaigns
  • Display campaigns
  • Lead generation forms on landing pages and other media
  • Social media campaigns
  • Business email marketing
  • Affiliate marketing

Social Media ads

Advertising on social media can give you a lot of extra visitors on your website or web shop. We are happy to help you publish your advertisements successfully, as well as integrate the right tools to make results measurable.

The advantages of Facebook advertising in a row

  • Only reach who you want to reach
  • Bind existing customers
  • Discover new customers
  • Relatively low costs
  • More visitors, leads and conversions

Google Adwords

In short, search advertising is the sponsored results that you see in Google at the top and bottom of the page. When people search for certain words, you pay an amount to show your ad. Because people are actually looking for your products or services, the advertisements are extremely relevant. Because the advertisements are relevant, this often results in a high click-through rate, more conversions and ultimately more sales. Of all the possibilities that exist in the field of online advertising, search engine advertising is still one of the most profitable

Search Engine advertising

Do not have your own marketing department or do they have time because they are involved with fairs, offline media and communication, but do you want to grow online? Then search engine advertising is the solution!

Advantages of search engine advertising

  • More traffic, leads and sales
  • Best ROI
  • Reach new customers
  • Variable budget possible
  • Ideal for most types of companies

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